The Sixth Storm is a scene in Kevin King's edition of The Other Side

Take 1

“There's no guarantee we'll make it. Rowan is out at the field, and we haven't heard back from her. I think she's in trouble. Dang … this may be too serious to handle alone. ” Chris got out his scarf and raised it above his head. He walked out of his hole and faced the dark storm cloud that was coming. He took a knee on the branch and began to bounce from branch to branch.

Take 2

"There's no guarantee that … any of us will make it out alive," Chris whispered to Harper. “Rowan's out at AL Field; I think she's in trouble. Damn--” he poked his head out of his tree — “this may be too hard to handle alone.”

Take 3

“There's a chance that she won't make it … time to take matters into my own hands — errr— paws. I just hope Harper doesn't wake up.” Chris got his scarf and raised it above his nose. Chris jumped branch to branch and halfway there a giant gust of wind knocked down the tree behind him. “Holy squirrel, that was close!” Chris saw Stella's tree and hopped into the hole.

Take 4

"There's a chance that Harper won't make it," Chris murmured to himself. "It's time to take matters into my own hands — well, paws. I just hope she doesn't wake up.”

Chris climbed out of his hole and scampered up the tree and began to jump from branch to branch, his eyes set on Stella's tree. About halfway there, a huge gust of wind knocked over the tree that he had just jumped from. "Holy squirrel, that was close!" A minute later, Chris found Stella's tree and hopped inte the hole, but nothing could prepare hin for what he found in it.

"You!" Chris hissed, letting his mouth hang open for a minute. "What are you doing here?"

Take 5