The Rowan-Cage Scene is a scene in The Other Side.

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While hunting in the courtyard of Fordham Court, Rowan notices a dead toad lying in a cage. She goes into the cage and gets trapped. It starts to rain.

Rowan notices a bluebird perched in the branches of a tree and calls for her. Rowan sends the bird (whose name is Vera) to get Ralph. A little while later, Ralph arrives at Fordham Court with the entire Other Side. Every member gets trapped.

Someone calls Jacqueline Fleming, an exterminator, who comes later that night. She puts every Other Side member in a cage (except Rowan, who she didn't see because her trap was hidden behind a bush), puts the cages on her truck, and drives off.

Agatha Whitney had been watching the whole thing from her apartment and is horrified. She wakes up her roommate Catherine and asks her for her falconry gloves. Agatha puts them on and walks out of her apartment, to Rowan's cage. She works the door open and Rowan runs off, but not before "thanking" Agatha by nipping her finger and rubbing up against her hand.

Rowan tells Miranda the owl about what happened. Miranda chases the truck down the road. She flies straight in front of it, causing the driver to swerve. The truck ends up in a roadside ditch. The truck driver is knocked out, and everyone escapes unscathed except Miranda, who is hit by the truck and dies. CLOUDY IS AWESOME YEAH HES AWESOME! MAYBE UR DREAMS WILL COME TRUE, MAYBE NOT! YOU ALL VACUUUUUUMMME!!1 *applause*

Synopsis (Bad Translator Version) Edit

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Trivia Edit

  • Adrian Yunevich got the idea for this scene from Over the Hedge.
  • Jacqueline Fleming, the exterminator, hates her job.
  • Adrian Yunevich considered writing an entire book about Vera the bluebird.
  • The rain is said to represent Rowan's fear and sadness in this scene.