I only wanted you. If I can't have you, I'm leaving.

–Taylor, to Charlie

Taylor is a squirrel, and was once Charlie's mate.


Taylor stumbled upon the Other Side, purely by chance (chased by a hawk from the Dark Side), about a week after Stella disappeared. She and Charlie mated for a while.

About two weeks after they met, Stella came back to the Other Side; she had been captured by a Dark Side member, but she escaped. Charlie was forced to choose between the two, and he chose Stella. Taylor subsequently left the Other Side, mentioning that she only worked for the Other Side because she loved Charlie.

Physical descriptionEdit

Taylor was a gray-colored squirrel with fur covering one eye, white-tipped ears, and a white stripe on her head.

Personality and traitsEdit

Taylor was a very brave and loving squirrel, but somewhat unfaithful to the Other Side, leaving when Charlie chose Stella over her. She was also very mean to most members of the Other Side. For this, she didn't have a very good reputation with the members, and many were happy when she left.

Despite her overall rude nature, Taylor was shown to have been scared by some things, revealed by her reaction when she was chased into the Other Side camp by Sylvia, a hawk from the Dark Side.

Her relationship with Charlie was romantic, but he was secretly glad when she left, as he felt that he loved Stella more, and it just wouldn't work between him and Taylor.