Carter was a bobcat and a member of the Dark Side.

Biography Edit

Carter, along with Zorro, Quinn, Nathaniel, Adriana and Nico, was a founding member of the Dark Side.

In late August of 2014, Rowan, an Other Side raccoon, was spying on the Dark Side camp when she heard Zorro say that they were planning a war against the Other Side. Carter saw her from where she was hiding in the bushes and chased her over to Neutral ground and up a cliff. Trapped on the edge, with Carter growing closer, Rowan saw no choice but to throw herself over the edge. Carter pounced, fell off with her, and died.

Persona Edit

Carter was a very brave, loyal, and determined member of the Dark Side. He would constantly roam the grounds of the Dark Side in his spare time, looking for Neutrals or Other Side intruders to kill (although he never did manage to catch any of the latter). He was also rather hostile, though; he had a sharp tongue and got annoyed rather easily, particularly with Neutrals.

Carter was said to never have liked many members of the Dark Side, either, particularly Nathaniel and Adriana. His hatred for Other Side members, however, was much stronger; he would have liked to see any of them dead.